Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fans brutal on Bay..

Photo by Michael Baron
Last night I attended the game with my 11 y/o son and we sat in the left field reserve section.  By the way on a side note if you ever get a chance to purchase tickets to section 133 which is only about ten seats and only cost  $25, they are great seats right at the left field foul pole.

Jason Bay played left field and was at most 20-30 yards from us the entire night, definitely close enough to hear any loud fan comments.  Now Bay went 0-3 with two strikeouts and looked really bad at the plate.  While I don't boo, I understand other fans frustration with Bay when he strikes out or kills a rally.

Fans have been more then patient with Bay and if they chose to boo him when he fails at the plate I can't blame them.  I'm sure Bay knows fans aren't happy with his production and its not like booing is going to motivate him, in fact all it's probably going to do is make him press.  All booing is doing is expressing their frustration and maybe letting management know just how negative fans are feeling about Bay.

While I can understand booing his plate performance, last night fans in left field were brutal on Bay to the point that it was uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Miguel Batista walked two batters and there were no outs, while Ramon Ramirez warmed up fans were obviously nervous about it becoming a big inning.  During the warm ups somebody yelled "Hey Bay you suck", Bay could be seen looking over at Kirk like really, what do I have to do with this.

In another instance in between innings a large cluster of napkins flew onto left field, as Bay was warming up another fan screamed "hey Bay pick-up the trash it's like your contract".

Bay walked and made two nice catches in the field, on all three occasions he was given a sarcastic "MVP" chant.

Finally late in the game there were several screams from different parts of left field "go back to Canada" which prompted an entire section in left center to chant "USA".

I personally thought the heckling was over the top and at some points, like during the napkins incident it was uncomfortable.