Monday, April 30, 2012

How Long Do The Mets Have To Play Well Before You'll "Believe"?

Its seems everyone is in agreement that the 2012 New York Mets have exceeded expectations to date. The team got off to the quick start everyone wanted, hasn't been negatively effected by injuries, and finds itself only one game out of first base.  All in all, an April any Mets fan would have signed up for before the season started.

However, let me ask you this? Knowing what you do now, do you "believe"? I'm not talking about the normal company line, I'll always believe my team can get it done type of stuff either. I mean, do you honestly believe this team can be something special?

Personally, I'm not at that point for a variety of reasons. First and foremost having witnessed back to back collapses, I don't think I'll feel comfortable until they have mathematical clinched a playoff spot. However my other reasons for caution include the fact that I can't envision half the lineup hitting .300 all season and the teams lack of starting pitching depth was exposed in the loss of Mike Pelfrey.

For me at this point, it appears that the Mets good season will always be flirting with disaster. But what do you think? Are you like me, always waiting for the other shoe to drop? Or have the 20 or so games this season so far been enough to set your sights on the playoffs?

This season has been a lot of fun, and I suppose if the Mets are sitting north of .500 on Memorial Day I'll have to revisit my thoughts on this, but I'm just not sold yet.  Its still early, and while my original feelings that this is a sub .500 team still resonates for me.  Its clear there is more talent on the roster than it was given credit for before the season started.  Is that enough for you? If not, what will it take for you to "believe"?