Monday, April 16, 2012

Mets Have Put Together The Strong Start They Needed

It was some offseason! So much took place off the field, but little changed between the foul lines.  As a result, Mets fans were left questioning the teams ownership, threatening boycotts and flat out unhappy.

Fast forward nine games into the regular season and we find the Mets at 6-3.  A franchise best start by no means, but seemingly enough to put most if not all non-baseball related issues on the back burner.  With the exception of the occasional check-in with Jose Reyes, little attention has been paid to what previously ailed this team just over two weeks ago.

Yes, winning cures all ills and that is certainly the case here.  The Mets needed to hit the ground running in order to draw a percentage of their fans back into the fold.  Despite the fact that its early on and the Mets have accomplished little on a large scale, they have managed to allow fans to focus on purely baseball for the first time on more than a year.

With their off the field issues at least temporarily behind them, the Mets will head to Atlanta in hopes of continuing their strong start.  As it stands now, they can return to Citi Field with no worse than a .500 record.  However, should they maintain their winning ways they will continue to find forgiveness with their fan base when they get here...And that's exactly what they needed.