Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mets Hold Reyes In Check

Jose Reyes has been a hot topic since the day he left Queens. That certainly didn't change this week when he returned with his new team for the first time two days ago. How fans would react was much discussed coming into the series, with a wide variety on opinions.

Through two games, the crowd has probably been a 60/40 split towards booing Reyes. That has upset many Mets fans who see Reyes as not having done anything to deserve such a response. In reality, they're probably right, but I find myself on the booing side of the fence.

Reyes isn't a Met any longer. He's now a very dangerous opponent with the capability of striking fear into the hearts of those he plays against. We got our first taste of that last night when he reached base for the first time. Instantly the discussion turned to steals, rallies, and not wanting to lose the game at the hands of our former shortstop.

Luckily for the Mets and their fans, that didn't happen and with the exception of that one instance, Reyes has been held in check for the first two games of the series. One hit in his old ballpark so far should be a small victory in and of itself for Mets pitching. Keeping him off the base paths, where he is most dangerous, is the priority and thus far it has been mission accomplished.

He's not "our" boy any longer, a notion that could take some fans a long time to accept. It's because of that connection that these have been big, early season, momentum building wins for the Mets. Keep Reyes in check again for a third time today and the Mets could be well on their way to a sweep.