Monday, April 9, 2012

Mets Selling $2.50 Tickets For Wednesdays Game

The Mets are selling a limited number of tickets to Wednesday's game against the Washington Nationals, the game which is set to feature Johan Santana vs. Stephen Strasburg, for the price of $2.50 per seat in honor of the team's 50th anniversary.  The Mets first game ever came on April 11th, 1962 in St. Louis and hope to fill some seats with some 'throwback' pricing.

Some people have taken issue with the pricing gimmicks so far this season, but I say if the team can't tell the tickets at full price its better that they find a way to fill the seats by other means.  The team will see venue from concession sales they would otherwise lose by having empty seats at Citi Field.  I also think its better for the fan experience if the stadium is full.

Regardless, ticket sales won't be an issue for much longer should the team continue it's winning ways....  You can buy 'throwback' tickets at or at the stadium box office.