Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mets Will Have All Hands On Deck!!!

Its unfortunatel to think about it like this, but it has been a loooong spring! After enduring Valley Fever, knee problems, twisted ankles, spiked heels and more abdominal issues than you can probably count, the Mets appear set to open the regular season with each and every one of their primary players.

That isn't to say this didn't come down to the wire. In fact, Tuesday was the first day back for both starting center-fielder Andres Torres and the team's lone lefty out of the bullpen, Tim Byrdak. As if that wasn't enough, the teams most recent injury scare came in the recently drained and MRI'd knee of closer Frank Francisco. Yet, everyone is good to go!

With their first 12 games coming against division opponents, the Mets will need every body they can find in order to get off to a good start. Now the organization and fans alike can turn their attention to the hope that everyone stays healthy as the Mets will bring their top 25 north, but have little in the way of depth to back them up.

I think it should go without saying that I'm surprised. These types of things don't work out for the Mets, at least not in recent memory. My only concern is that they're rushing one, if not several of their recently healed ballplayers back to the diamond. That said, while this may not be everyone's favorite roster, this will be the first time in YEARS that the Mets will field their best available squad. If nothing else, that IS something we can be excited about. Lets Go Mets!