Friday, April 6, 2012

Nieuwenhuis To Join Mets On Saturday

Well, that didn't take long... The plethora of fans who spent the spring calling for Kirk Nieuwenhuis to break camp with the team will get their wish this weekend. Despite an 0 for 2 start at the plate last night he is headed to Flushing to take the place of the injured Andres Torres.

Following the news of his injury, it seemed pretty clear that it would be Nieuwenhuis or Double-A center-fielder, Matt Den Dekker, who would get the call. Although it was widely believed within the organization that he needed another few months of experience in Triple-A, Nieuwenhuis is the right choice over Den Dekker who clearly needs to work on his approach at the plate.

The Mets will be looking for a little luck with Nieuwenhuis, as he too recently returned from an injury that.cost him the majority of his spring. Should he fall to the disabled list the team will have some much more difficult decisions to make. However, foe now the team will promote the first of several players who are expected to make the journey to Flushing this season. Where he'll stand in a few weeks when Torres is set to return will remain to be seen...