Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NL East News: Ozzie Guillen Suspended 5 Games

Ozzie Guillen's recent comments that he "loved" and "respected" Cuban dictator Fidel Castro were not well received amongst much of the Cuban community both nationally, and in the Miami area where the team plays.  As a result, the Marlin's manager has been suspended for five games after a press conference this afternoon where he apologized profusely, stating that he does not "admire" Castro and that he is "embarrassed" over the remarks.

Guillen's suspension was handed down by the Marlins, rather than MLB, only five games into the 2012 season.  The comments have caused fans to call for the often controversial manager's job.  Many in the media have said that despite the suspension, Guillen still may not survive the controversy with his job.  Alienating the community in Miami will do little to drive people into the team's new stadium, which they were likely to struggle filling in the first place.