Monday, April 2, 2012

Pelfrey will have a market ?

Photo by Michael Baron
Steve Traschel pitched for the Mets for six seasons in which he averaged 26 starts and 159 innings per season, his overall ERA was 4.09 with a record of 66-59 for 160 starts.  For those six years the Mets paid him roughly 24.5M, his highest year in 2005 making 6.782M and his least was his last making 2.5M.  After leaving the Mets he had one more decent year in Baltimore, making 25 starts with a 4.48 ERA and earning 3M.  I bring up Traschel because the argument with him was always that he provided consistency in the middle of the rotation at a reasonable price.

After this season with signing bonuses, incentives and arbitration Pelfrey will have earned approx. 19M in six seasons (really five- first was only five starts).  He's made 146 starts with a 4.40 ERA and a 50-54 record, while averaging 29 starts and 170 innings per season.  In addition to statistical similarities both struggled with runners on base, Traschel becoming the human weather machine and Pelfrey the cat licking balker.  

I'm using Traschel since they have become such similar comparisons and there weren't many complaints about Traschel; basically you knew you were getting a five inning, five hundred pitcher for an entire season.  With Pelfrey I believe expectations have created such a negative aura, the former first rounder who was dubbed the opening day starter just last season has been an utter disappointment.  Many including myself want him cut and scoff at the notion that there will b a trade market for him come the deadline.  

I'm not sure how to weigh the reality of his true value with the negativity of the un-met expectations.

While it has been reported that the Mets were considering releasing Pelfrey, they likely won’t do that because there should be a trade market for the veteran. He makes $5.6 million on a nonguaranteed deal, and the Mets may be able to get something for him from a team that needs a back-end starter. Source