Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reality Sets In For 2012 Mets

This year's ball club is officially mortal. The Mets quest to win a fifth straight game to open the 2012 campaign was met with poor pitching, poorer defense and even worse, an injury to their moat tenured player, David Wright.

The pitching, expected by many to be the teams biggest weakness this summer should come as no major surprise.  The Mets had gotten good outings their first four games of the year, but their fifth starter and most inexperienced of the group, Dillon Gee, struggled mightily.

In his defense, Gee received little help in the field behind him.  As the Nationals were in the process of breaking the game open, Daniel Murphy booted a ball at second and Lucas Duda completely whiffed on a fly ball at the fence.  Considered to be defensive liabilities going into the year, this was the first time either player made a mistake that cost the team dearly. In this instance they both failed Gee in the same inning.

The most unfortunate news if the night came with the announcement of David Wright's fractured right pinky.  Wright was unable to swing a bat prior to the game and said afterwards that a trip to the DL would be contingent on swelling over the next few days.  Most surrounding the team expect Wright to miss enough time to warrant a roster move that could find the team moving Daniel Murphy to third while promoting from within to fill a soot in the right side of the infield.

Yes, this team is not immortal. They will not go 162-0 this season. Their weaknesses have instantly been highlighted and the team will be force to rely on young, thus far unproven farmhands to step up and continue the team's recent winning ways.