Monday, April 23, 2012

Ruben Tejada Vs. Jose Reyes Tracker Part 2

A week ago today we compared the numbers of Ruben Tejada with his predecessor, Jose Reyes.  At that time, the twenty-two year old Tejada had a significant statistical advantage over the elder Reyes, both offensively and defensively.  Here's how things look a mere twenty-fours hours away from Jose Reyes returning to Citi Field for the first time as Marlin.

Ruben Tejada has had a rough week and has seen his average drop substantially over that time.  However, Ruben still boast a .265 batting average and thanks in part to his approach at the plate, he has maintained a .345 on-base percentage.  In thirteen games played, he has seven extra-base hits while committing only one error in the field.

Jose Reyes on the other hand has suffered through more of the same this week.  The $106 million dollar man continues to struggle to prove his worth in Miami.  Fifteen games into the season, Reyes is batting only .230 and has mustered only a .294 on-base percentage.  In two additional games, he's only managed to match Ruben's seven extra-base hits, however he's already committed five errors.

Is Reyes underachieving?  Probably.  However, at this point in time Tejada has more than held his own considering the shoes he was expected to fill.  It will be interesting to see the response to Reyes this week along with the corresponding approach towards Tejada.  What fans should expect from the twenty-two year old is up for debate, but he's held his own and continues to look as though he may be a valid replacement for the recently departed Reyes.

How they fair over this week matched up against one another will be something for Mets fans to keep an eye on.  Will fans rejoice in Ruben's success or relish in Jose's failure?  The season is still young, but this will be a a reoccurring theme all year.  Ruben is the future, and this season the future meets the past for the first time.  How do you think he'll fair?