Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stinson and Rodriguez on waivers

Photo by Michael Baron
The Mets have placed Josh Stinson and Armando Rodriguez on outright waivers to make room for Miguel Batista and Mike Baxter.

I think Arm-Rod is a safe bet despite his power arm potential at 24 y/o he's never been above class A, I don't see another team giving him someone else's roster spot.

Stinson on the other hand despite his ugly 6.42 ERA in the majors did look decent at times and it was his first exposure to the league, I could see him being claimed.

I have no problem with Baxter taking some one's spot, in fact I probably wouldn't have sent him through the first time they did in the off-season.  Batista while he serves a purpose, it's a rebuilding year and I hate to see a 24 y/o lose a spot to a 40 y/o on a team that is looking to develop players.

It does appear to be both players first time through waivers, so I believe if they are un-claimed they remain Mets without the option of free agency.

Needing to clear 40-man roster spots for the additions of lefty-hitting backup outfielder Mike Baxter and long man/spot starter Miguel Batista, the Mets have placed right-handers Josh Stinson and Armando Rodriguez on outright waivers source ESPN NY