Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Terry Thinks David Wright Will Play Friday

Following the game this afternoon, Mets manager Terry Collins said the following about injured third baseman, David Wright.

“I’m not a doctor and I don’t mean to step on their toes...When they finally give us a diagnosis of the whole thing, my gut tells me you will see him out there on Friday.”
My opinion on Terry's comments:
Look, I'm going to try to play the impartial baseball fan for half a minute. I want David Wright back in this lineup as soon as possible. Since he went down the team has looked listless at the plate. However, with that said I want him to come back healthy. I don't want to see Wright fall into a two month slump because he's having trouble gripping the bat, but it doesn't hurt "enough" to see him sent to the disabled list. If he's healthy, play him, but if he isn't just send him to the DL for the 2-3 weeks it'll take for him to come back ready to play for the rest of the year without restriction.