Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Three Things Mets Fans Should Keep Their Eye On This Season

The Mets have a lot more on the line this season than just wins and losses. With the Madoff lawsuit behind them, the Wilpons can once again turn their focus to the future. Many questions regarding the future will be answered this season, through one means or another. Fans should keep an eye on the following, because each will play a significant part in the future of the franchise.

1) Attendance
Both the Mets and their fan base have an fractured psyche. The easiest way to cure a fractured psyche..wins. Wins not only heal wounds but they put butts in the stands and that may be the biggest challenge facing the front office this season. With fans vowing to boycott the team because the Wilpons, it would appear attendance will take a hit this season. What does that mean? In simple terms it will mean less revenue and that may hinder Sandy Alderson's ability to improve the team next winter.

2) David Wright
As the Mets decide what direction they're going to go moving forward, they'll also need to decide who it is they're going to build around. They do have a few options, however I still feel as though David Wright is the preferred choice amongst both the team's front office, and their fans. There is no more marketable player on the team and no doubt that David would prefer to stay in Queens. He's aware of the work that needs to be done and with the newly reshaped Citi Field, has been put in a position to resurrect his career this season. If that happens..will it lead to a new contract or a new home? That my friends may be the $100 million dollar question.

3) The Kids
Since we're discussing the future we should probably acknowledge the fact that the Mets have several prospects who are going to force the front office's hand from within. The Post's weekend article indicating the Mets patience with Jason Bay reaching its limit could lead to the promotion of Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Struggles or injuries within the Mets starting rotation would lead to the promotion of Matt Harvey and/or Jeurys Familia. What about Josh Edgin or Matt Den Dekker? Yes folks, fans had better keep one eye toward Buffalo and Binghamton, NY.

The future may not be now, but its not far off.  Decisions made in the next six months will have a profound effect on the direction this franchise takes.  A time table that once seemed destined to put the necessary pieces in place by 2014, should see  the arrival of many of those pieces sooner than later.  How such things effect the fan base will impact the organization's ability to work financially.  How all that comes together determines what the Mets of tomorrow will look like.  Pay attention Mets fans, because all of that will be happening before your eyes this season.  Don't miss it!