Sunday, April 1, 2012

When does the pen become a concern

Photo by Michael Baron
After a season in which too many winnable games were lost to blown saves and/or failed holds, the one area the front office addressed was the bullpen.

Frank Francisco, Jon Rauch and Ramon Ramirez were suppose to be the strong part of the roster.  If Parnell, Acosta and Byrdak could be decent the pen on paper looks deeper then it has been in years.

But as one official put it to the Daily News:

“When Bobby Parnell has been far and away your best reliever, what does that tell you?” source Daily News

The Mets have been reassured that in Francisco's case they should not be alarmed but that's no guarantee nor does it explain Rauch or Ramirez and Acosta got beat-up the other day as well.  Right now Batista, Rauch, Ramirez and Francisco all have ERAs over five with Acosta at 4.35 and Byrdak on the shelf, only Parnell has been effective.

“I’ve had probably five or six people in the last week say, ‘Don’t get caught up in what he does in spring training because he does it every spring,’ ” Collins said. “He steps it up when the big lights come on.” source NY Post