Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Jason Bay Isn't Going Anywhere

Jason Bay may be an asset in left field, but he's become a total liability at the plate and now finds the fan base having completely turned its back on him. Any optimism generated by his strong close to the 2011 season, has now been demolished by his 3 for 16 start this year.

Bay's pitch selection has seen him repetitively watch balls pitched right down the pipe, yet swing at balls above his eyes. If Bay could manage some productive outs things wouldn't seem so bad, but even that seems to beyond his skill set at this point. On top of all this, Bay has a vesting option for the 2014 season based up on his number of at bats.

As you can probably tell, the writing is on the wall for Bay to be benched, or worse. However, the fact remains that there is no one to slide into his position. The Mets don't have a left fielder in waiting. Actually, the Mets don't have an anything in waiting when it comes to the outfield. Best case scenario finds Kirk Nieuwenhuis sliding over the platoon with Bay when Andres Torres returns.

The problem is that Torres' return isn't imminent. In fact, there is no time table for his return whatsoever right now. That means the Mets have no options other than sliding Bay down in the lineup and hoping against hope that he turns it around. That's right folks, Bay's biggest ally is his lack of competition and that is a sore statement on the state of the Mets roster this season. Jason Bay isn't going anywhere, anytime soon.