Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wright Continues to Hit, Leads Majors In Batting

Through 29 ABs this season, David Wright has returned to form. He's spreading the ball around the ballpark and currently sits with a batting average of .517. That, despite missing three games due to a broken pinky, qualifies for the major league lead in batting.

In that time, Wright has hit two home runs. More importantly he has only struck out four times. David is putting the ball in play, moving runners along, and flat out making things happen. That's the David Wright we knew three years ago.

There is no question this is a make or break year for David. His future in Flushing is in the balance. Entering the year with very little trade value, so I'm curious to see if an excellent first half will lead to a contract extension or if it ushers him out of town. Much of that may lie in his ability to stay on the field, but despite his recent issues Wright is not "injury prone".

Wright will not maintain a .500+ average. However, if he can avoid his notorious slumps he may find himself in position for a very successful season. Thus far, Wright appears to be the player we once knew, but the season is young. Can he maintain his well rounded approach, avoid strike outs, avoid slumps? Only time will tell, but its certainly nice to think that the once promising third baseman we all fell for a few years back might make a reappearance in 2012...for better or worse.