Thursday, May 24, 2012

Collins wants more power..

Photo by Michael Baron
Terry Collins admitted to the NY Post that he would like more power in his line-up, the Mets have surprised many with their winning record but most of the offense has come from moving the line along with singles.

The Mets are second to last in home runs in all of baseball with just 25, only the Padres have produced less with 17 and the league leader Carlos Beltran has already produced 14 on his own.

Ike Davis who it's rumored could be sent down due to his offensive struggles leads the team with five home runs.  Wright who is looking like a batting champ, so far this season only has four which is tied with Lucas Duda for second most on the team.

You could say that they're winning games so who cares but we've seen what happens when the pen struggles for a week in close games, that lack of power equates to insurance runs in my opinion.

Mets really need Jason Bay to return and be a 25 home run guy while Wright and Duda pick it up a bit, I think Davis needs a stint in the minors and if he can get corrected that would give the Mets four solid threats in the middle of the order.

Long term Sandy likes the long ball and I think he will address it either at the deadline if were still in it or during the off-season.

Though Collins’ team isn’t built around the long ball, the manager yesterday admitted it would be nice to occasionally see the Mets clear the fences and build on early leads. source Ny Post