Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Is it time to send down Ike Davis..

Photo by Michael Baron
Ike Davis is now 100 at bats into the season and is hitting .167 with three homeruns, one double and nine RBIs.

To say he's in a slump is an understatement and you have to wonder what the Mets should do with their big slugger who they thought would anchor the line-up.

They've already made the first move by moving him down in the line-up, taking the pressure of being a run producer off but leaving him unprotected in a lower spot.

The next move could be to sit him against left handed pitchers, the splits aren't there to support the idea.  His career splits have a marginal difference ( RHP .262 /LHP .251) and this year he has been dismal against both ( RHP .145 / LHB .211).  Despite the splits if Davis is more comfortable against righties then it might be about getting him in a comfort zone.

They could sit him a few days, as they always say to clear his head.  I'm not sure how much it helps but Davis hasn't had much time off at all this season, he's played in 29 games of 30 and only four of those appearances were for less then three at bats.

What I really think the Mets need to start considering is sending  him down, play Duda at 1B and use Hairston in RF.  If they don't want to move Duda they could bring up Zach Lutz who is hitting .315 in Buffalo.

Or maybe some bad Philly pitching will get him out of his funk....