Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mets Fight Through Injury, But Struggle For Respect

Last night's sweep of the defending division champion, Philadelphia Phillies, was a hard fought battle the entire way. Three games..three come from behind victories. But what does it mean?

As the Mets push into the middle of May they remain on the upswing. The first 31 games of the 2012 season have seen them sweep a series from the Braves, Marlins, and Phillies in route to a 13-5 divisional record. A blip on the radar that will be the 2012 season? Maybe, but not something that should be easily dismissed.

Entering tonight's game the Mets are five games over .500 and only one half game out of first place in the East. If the season ended today the Mets would represent the National League as the newly created second wild card team. A massive accomplishment? Maybe not, but consider what the team is working with.

The Mets have lost a starting pitcher, as well as their starting catcher, shortstop and left fielder. This leaves them with a roster full of unproven youngsters responsible for not only shouldering the load of those they've replaced, but also that of Ike Davis and Lucas Duda who have both been less than an inspiration.

However despite the fact that they've overcome all that to date, fans are still forced to wade through a daily batch of lukewarm recaps by beat writers, who remain poised for the other shoe to drop. Although they are clearly among the top ten teams in baseball right now, the Mets are also beached at fifteenth in ESPN's power rankings. Do the opinions of mainstream media members really mean anything? Probably not, but it would be nice to see the team get done credit where it's due.

The season may only be a little less than 20% over, but the Mets are starting to make believers out of their fans. When casting judgement on the season to date, we must remember what the team is dealing with. They may not win a thing in the long run, but the deserve credit for what they've accomplished so far. That credit should come from you, from me and especially the national media who remains ever-willing to rip the Mets down.

Be proud of your team, Mets fans, and enjoy the ride regardless of how those around you take aim at your team. The 2012 Mets are a young, gritty bunch who are poised to make this summer a fun one. That's something that neither you, or I, or even the media can take away from them.