Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mets Have Not Experienced The Drastic Attendance Decline Many Anticipated

Fresh off a winter that included far too many moves in the court room and too few on the roster, there were many around baseball who anticipated that the Mets would struggle to draw fans to Citi Field.  In addition to expert predictions of drastic reduced attendance numbers, there were rumblings of fan boycotts in an effort to push ownership out the door.  What has all of that equated to?  Nearly identical numbers coming through the turnstiles on a nightly bases in Queens.

Here is a look at average attendance on a nightly basis through the first twelve home games of this season, when compared to the same from last year:

Disclaimer: Attendance number for the Giants doubleheader were duplicated.

Through the team's first twelve home games this season, they are averaging 28,992 tickets sold per night.  Last season the team averaged 28,835.  So after all the fuss of the offseason, the loss of Jose Reyes and the disgruntlement over ownership, the team is actually averaging 157 more tickets sold per night, than this time last season.

Ultimately, the season is still young and the next 70 home games can certainly wreak havoc on the current trend, but there doesn't seem to be the negative fallout everyone anticipated.  We could argue all day whether the number of fans in the building has increased or decreased, but from the Mets standpoint, tickets sold is the more important factor when it comes to revenue. 

Should the team keep winning, fans will come and the stadium will fill.  However, should the team stumble and cascade down the standings, giving fans an opportunity to reminded of all the things this team has done wrong in recent years, there is still time plenty of time for attendance numbers to go sour.

What route have you taken?  Have you stayed away from Citi Field early on this year or have the boys in blue and orange reeled you back in?