Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thole set to return but could it cost Nickeas..

Photo by Michael Baron 
Josh Thole is set to return from his stint on the DL due to concussion symptoms.  Thole will cost one of the other catcher's their roster spot.  Mike Nickeas the back-up since the start to the season and starter since Thole went down has struggled with the bat and could be sent down.

Nickeas was always considered a defensive catcher but with him hitting just .148, he might be hitting too little to justify his 4.26 catcher's ERA.  Nickeas also has options while veteran Rob Johnson who is hitting .313 would have to make it through waivers and accept assignment.

Johnson also considered a defensive catcher has a strong arm but so far his catcher's ERA is 6.53.  The risk of losing him and his hot offensive start may end up unseating Nickeas...

Unless the Mets temporarily go with three catchers, Mike Nickeas could be optioned to the minors over Rob Johnson.source ESPN NY