Friday, June 15, 2012

So who would be out for Mejia...

Photo by Michael Baron
It was reported a couple days ago that Jennry Mejia is moving strictly to the pen and will be on a two week regiment in Buffalo, that will lead up to him being ready for the Mets if needed. Mejia has the potential to be a closer so it would be nice to have him in the pen but the question becomes who would be sent down.  There is still time to sort things out and who knows how Mejia looks coming off T.J. surgery but if Mejia looks strong and things continue as they are there will some nuances to the decision.

First of all until today the guys who were struggling aren't going anywhere in John Rauch and Bobby Parnell but because they are struggling other guys that would be vulnerable are thrust into critical roles.

Miguel Batista might not be vulnerable yet but now that he's being used in late inning relief it makes it hard to demote Jeremy Hefner.  It would probably be Hefner who got sent down but if he's still the swingman/spot starter it becomes hard to send him down.

If the Mets decide to keep Hefner then Elvin Ramirez would probably be the next in line to get sent down, while his ERA is over 10, I'd like to see what Ramirez can do given more then four outings.