Monday, July 30, 2012

Alderson not understanding NY market

I've been a strong supporter of Sandy Alderson and Co., the Beltran trade was brilliant and I've been more then willing to accept his misses on the bullpen from the off-season but my biggest concern is whether he could adapt his approach to the large market.

NY is a totally different beast then Oakland or San Diego and patience isn't one of our strong points.  I think Alderson may have made one of his few missteps this season and shown that he is still adapting to the NY market.

After a surprising first half which resulted in much needed attendance, Alderson should have strayed from his plan and reinforced this team.  Where Oakland or San Diego may have understood that a surprise team needed to sink or swim on it's own for the bigger picture, New York is going to be less tolerant.

Now of course I'm not talking about a big blockbuster trade, we all rem. the Kazmir trade and understand the long term ramifications of desperation moves but a few smaller moves at the All-Star break could have gone along way toward changing the perception of this organization.

It might not have done a bit of a difference, the team may have still tanked the second half of the season, but those questions about finances and commitment to winning could have been quelled by a few small moves.  At least they could have supported the teams strong start, while acknowledging the improved attendance and had the defense that they tried something without mortgaging the future.

Somebody should have sat them down and explained how frustrated many fans were over the years when we had a truly contending team but Omar Minaya failed repeatedly to do anything at the deadline while every team around him made moves.

Instead many will blame the July down fall on the lack of reinforcements, others will continue to question the Wilpon's finances and Alderson's ability to manage a big market team....