Saturday, July 14, 2012

Comparing Pelfrey to Harvey first call-up

Mike Pelfrey was drafted by the New York Mets with the 9th pick of the first round in the 2005 draft. Pelfrey would pitch 96 minor league innings in 2006 before getting called up to the majors.  Twenty two innings in A+ ball with an ERA of 1.64, Sixty six innings in AA with a 2.71 ERA and eight innings with a 2.25 ERA before getting called up to the majors.

Pelf would appear in 21.1 innings with a 5.48 ERA over four starts before getting sent down he would begin the 2007 season in the minors where he in one game at A+ with a 3.00 ERA and then make 14 starts in AAA to a 4.01 ERA in hitter friendly New Orleans.  

Pelfrey maybe coming to the end of his Mets tenure and has been for the most part a disappointment, he's 50-54 in 149 starts with a an ERA of 4.36.  He went from being considered a potential top of the rotation starter to a durable innings eater and since his injury even that can't be said.  Pelfrey may have fallen to the status of a reclamation project or project pitcher. 

Many feel that his fall in status can be attributed to his over zealous rush to the majors and his inability to handle the pressures of pitching and fallen in not only the majors but New York.  While everyone has their own personality/ mental toughness it might be fitting to compare Harvey's situation to Pelfrey.

Remember before Pelfrey was considered a hand licker, buckling under the pressure he was praised for having the mental toughness in 2008 to comeback with a 3.72 ERA in 32 starts after staring his career 0-7 after being rushed.

Now there is a great debate as to whether Matt Harvey should be promoted or whether it would be rushing he to be promoted.  Despite the results Pelfrey always welcomed the promotions to the majors in 07-08 and in similar fashion despite rocky results in spring training Harvey has said he wanted up sometime this season.  The 2010 seventh overall pick has appeared in 44 minor league games; 14 games in A+ with a 2.37 ERA, 12 games in AA with an ERA 4.53 and 18 games in AAA with a 3.39 ERA.

Harvey has 236 minor leagues innings under his belt including 98 at AAA compared to Pelfrey's 96 total minor league innings with only 8 innings at AAA before being called up.  I do trust this front office to properly evaluate Harvey's preparedness for the majors but he at least has more experience then Pelfrey did when he came up...