Sunday, July 8, 2012

Does Valdespin make Murph available for say Broxton

Photo by Michael Baron
Jordanny Valdespin hit another homerun today in the Mets 3-1 win over the Chicago Cubs.  While it's only his second of the year and he's only hitting .234 for the season, in the last 28 days he's hitting .324 with 9 RBIs, 4 doubles and 3 stolen bases.

Valdespin isn't much in the field either but you have to wonder if his athleticism, which the organization loves has translated enough into major league potential to make Dan Murphy available.

Now I must admit that I've always thought the Mets should wait for a hot streak and then move Murphy to an American league team, since I think he's more of a small market team's DH.  Overall Murphy's hitting .289 but over shorter periods of time he looks great ( 7days- .467, 14days- .432, 28days- .382) and he's looked serviceable at 2B.

If the Mets are to stay in the playoff race they need to bolster the bullpen and a guy who was on their radar this off-season was Jonathan Broxton.  They decided to pass on Broxton due to his injury risk but now that he's proven he's healthy maybe he's appealing again.

The Royals are rumored to be looking to move him for major league talent,  I'd much rather give up Murphy for Broxton ( and a low level prospect) then one of our true prospect's for K-Rod or Street.

Broxton, in many ways, is the ideal deadline pickup for teams in need of bullpen help. He earns a reasonable salary — roughly $2 million for the rest of this year, along with up to $1 million in performance bonuses — and has postseason experience with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He’s eligible for free agency after this season.

The New York Mets, who entered Thursday with the worst bullpen ERA in the majors, are one potential suitor for Broxton. source Fox Sports