Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ramon Hernandez makes a lot of sense...

Prior to the All-Star break rumors swirled that the Mets were interested in veteran catcher Ramon Hernandez.   While I'm not enamored with the 36y/o who is hitting only .215 the move, if it comes to fruition would make a lot of sense.

In a lefty dominant line-up Hernandez would be a righty bat to platoon with Thole, who has shown he needs a platton partner, in 44 plate appearances Thole is hitting just .214 against left handed starters compared .279 against righties.  I'm not taking anything away from the job Thole has done behind the plate, we saw with the All-star break the concerns over catching Dickey which Thole has done all season without incident and is currently holding a 3.39 catcher's ERA.

With that said; the line-up needs a better righty option and Thole really shouldn't be starting against left handed pitchers.

Mike Nickeas has shown that he really doesn't have the offense to be in the majors, the 29 y/o has a lifetime BA of .179 and is currently hitting .172.  His catcher's ERA is 4.06 which isn't exactly so exceptional that his defense/game calling should keep him on the bench.

Hernandez maybe on the decline of his career and his .215 BA might be more to do with catcher's age then his injury, but at least over the last three seasons he's hit .280 with a .348 OBP.  You at least have hope that he just needed to get healthy, maybe his four RBIs and a homerun on AAA rehab assignment are an indication that he will rebound.

Hernandez has averaged 18 homeruns and 28 doubles a season, last year he hit 12 homeruns and 13 doubles while knocking in 36 RBIs.  His two seasons in the Padres pitcher's friendly park he hit .280 with 30 HRs and 40 doubles while driving in 121 RBIs.

Furthermore, why Hernandez makes even more sense is he isn't going to cost much the Rockies are more then likely just looking to get out of his 6.4M contract.  If he is a bust, what you gave up wont be significant and to cut him would basically be cutting what D.J. Carrasco cost to cut.

It's such a low risk move and the potential reward makes this move, if they can pull it off a no brainer...