Friday, July 20, 2012

Rays like Duda...

Photo by Michael Baron
Joel Sherman of the New York Post discusses the importance of the Mets finding relievers they can control for more then just this season.  For the Mets to acquire such a reliever they will have to give something of value in return, pricey rental players are the only types that don't cost players.

Sherman notes that the Rays have always liked Lucas Duda, of the current younger players Duda would be the one I would prefer to move.  He's probably defensively better suited for 1B or DH neither of which will he play with the Mets and with this left handed heavy line-up his bat could be sacrificed.

Under the premise of giving something to get something, Duda would make the most sense to move for a potential long-term late inning reliever.

Duda is hitting .246 with 12 HR and 44 RBIs in 297 AB, his power is up from last year but his average is down from .292.

Which is why the Mets are shopping in the K-Rod/Myers bin because the prices for expensive, looming free agents may fall in the next 11 days. Still, for example, the Rays have always liked Duda and have interesting young arms. source NY Post