Thursday, July 19, 2012

Would arms help or too little...

I'm reminded that your never as bad as you look during a losing streak and your not as good as you look during a winning streak....

I say that because right now the Mets look absolutely awful; in Atlanta the starters looked horrible and now it seems like a nightly loss attributed to someone different in the pen, all of which underscores that the offense isn't doing anything until a late inning rally that has been falling short.

It seems like there are too many holes to waste their time being buyers at the deadline and all the enthusiasm I enjoy over a pleasant start to the season has dissolved into another year of frustration.

Now my biggest concern, as I've expressed before is that this season in many ways parallels the 2004 season and I don't want the Mets making an impact trade which may only impact the long term goals of the organization, not the 2012 season.

But the smaller moves that have been discussed like Grant Balfour, Ramon Hernandez, Kelly Shoppach and Huston Street ( to name a few) I'm torn about, watching this team I say whats the point and then I find myself not wanting to give up and hope makes me want to see them doing something.

During this six game losing streak as bad as they have looked they have lost four of the games by two or less runs ( three one run games) so it is conceivable that an arm or two could have held a game or two and one more bat could have scored enough to earn a win.

Couple that with the fact that the league really doesn't have that many strong teams and anyone could end up winning a wild card spot.

It might be as important to make a move at the deadline as a statement that the culture of the organization has changed, not only toward winning but also spending.  Rem. even in the winning days under Omar this was an organization that struggled to make in-season moves.