Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Same positional questions linger after entire season of Eval.

Photo by Michael Baron
If the 2012 season was an evaluation year, then what exactly has the organization learned, here's a look at some of the questions entering the season in regards to position players...

Has David Wright matured to the extent that he's more then just an all-star but at team carrier, when the offense slumps much like Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran in their primes.  Will Wright's power return with the changes to the fences and can his throwing accuracy improve.

Ruben Tejada was never expected to replace Jose Reyes but can he be a serviceable starting SS in the majors. 

Can Daniel Murphy hit enough to justify his glove at second base and exactly how bad is his glove.

What will Ike Davis look like after almost an entire season missed due to a bone bruise.

Is Lucas Duda the power threat in the OF the team has been looking for or the guy who struggled with his confidence during his initial call-ups and what will his defense look like in RF.

Can the team get anything out of the rest of the OF and bench.

Will Josh Thole continue to regress or is he going to be the starting catcher the Mets had hoped for...

With less then a month left in the season most of these questions are still being asked. 

Ruben Tejada has absolutely solidified himself as the starting short stop.  David Wright must be re-signed to maintain some type of legitimacy but he's not a team carrier.  Murphy falls into the category of least of our worries.  Shoppach who on most teams would be the back-up catcher is the Mets best option behind the plate. 

There is no outfield to speak of; whether it was journeyman Andres Torres, youngster Lucas Duda or proven veteran Jason Bay they all failed miserably.  Hairston is a nice piece off the bench and Turner has had some clutch pinch hitting assignments, while Cedano and back-up catcher ( pre-Shoppach have been forgettable). 

I still dont know what to make of Ike Davis, after slumping for more then half the season his numbers are better but certainly not a heart of the order slugger. 

So what do you do if your the Mets; resign Wright, Shoppach and Hariston, hope Ike, Duda, Kirk improve and bring in a moderate investment outfield like Melky.  It's not going to help advanced tickets sales and it might just be the same results for another year but with this many questions still lingering it's probably the prudent thing to do....