Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A few catcher's you could trade for...

Photo by Michael Baron

If the Mets are to retain David Wright and R.A.Dickey while keeping the payroll at $100M, then they will have to be creative to fill the holes on the roster.  Sandy Alderson has already stated that the roster will change while the organization is not big players in the free agent market, meaning they will be involved in the trade market...

One of the areas they have already said they will address is the catcher's position.  More then likely either Kelly Shoppach or Josh Thole will remain as the back-up catcher.  I prefer Shoppach who has a stong arm, was solid in handling the pen and has some power.  Thole to me is nothing more then a AAAA catcher.

So where will the organization go for a catcher, the only appealing free agent will probably cost more then the Mets will spend at the position in Mike Napoli.

If the free agent market isn't an option unless they're going to bring in another re-tread to compliment Thole or Shoppach then were looking for a trade.  What teams have a top catching prospect who is either blocked by  a legitimate #1 catcher in his prime or is ready to push a major league catcher off the roster.

Looking at the scouting book top 20 catching prospects  and MiLB top catching prospects here are few ideas..

The top catching prospect on most lists is Jesus Montero scouting book ranks Seattle catching prospect Mike Zunino as the #5 prospect, maybe Seattle would part with their other catcher.

The Blue Jays have top catching prospect J. P. Arencibia just coming into his own in the major leagues, the 26 y/o has already hit 43 HRs in two full seasons and has improved his BA from .219 to .233. Behind Arencibia is another catching prospect in Travis d'Arnaud, I'm not sure witch of the two the Jays would be willing to part with.

Nick Hundley is a 29 y/o right handed catcher who is signed to a club friendly contract through 2015, he might be a nice compliment to Josh Thole with neither being a true #1.  Hundley was sent down after only hitting .166 and ending the season on the DL with a bruised right knee.  What could make Hundley available more then his struggles is Yasmani Grandal.

The catching rich Yankees who were concerned with Montero's glove let him go (along with Noesi) for Pineda and Campos.  So if that is the market for a top catching prospect your looking at Niese and Mejia for one one of the group I mentioned above, that's if they don't demand Davis...