Thursday, October 4, 2012

Is extending Wright the right move...

Photo by Michael Baron
The face of the franchise, the player with all of the team's offensive records and probably the rarest of all accomplishments in today's game, an entire career with one team.

With all that said, is it the right move for this organization to re-sign David Wright to a long term contract.

Despite the Madoff scandal being behind them, the organization has already admitted that they don't plan to excessively expand the payroll.  Alderson has discussed several times how difficult it is to build a roster when payroll is tied  up in a small percentage of the players.

So despite the sentimental value of re-signing Wright, does it make sense under the organization's new philosophy to extend Wright.

The fan base might not stand for the organization to let him walk like they did Reyes but how tolerant will they be to another year of Wright surrounded by AAAA players.

The right plan might be to move David for a package of players, re-fill the roster while reducing the payroll.  In the short term it might be a media disaster but in the long run, especially in the Mets circumstances it might be the best course of action.

If the Mets were in a position where they were willing to spend between 120-140M, then Wright should be their first priority since they'd be able to sign complimentary players around him. But if the team's budget is 100M and 80M is already spent then what's the point of another year of Wright anchoring an under 500 roster.

What you could get for Wright might fill multiple spots in your line-up when Harvey and Wheeler are truly ready to lead the rotation in 2014...

I hope they re-sign Wright and build a team around him but under the current climate I just don't see how you do both and extending Wright just for the sake of extending him without a quality roster around him just seems like window dressing