Monday, November 26, 2012

Baseline set for Wright

Photo by Michael Baron
In Feb. of 2012 Ryan Zimmerman signed a six year 100 M extension with a club option for the seventh year, he was in his sixth full season in the majors.  Zimmerman was 27 y/o, a two time silver slugger, gold glove and an All-Star selection. His career numbers were; BA .282, OBP .346, SLG .478, OPS .824.

If Zimmerman's deal didn't set a baseline for Wright then Evan Longoria's extension most certainly does.  It actually makes things crystal clear, if they can't work out a deal then thanks to this baseline it will make it obvious what occurred; Mets under bid, Wright was looking for the most money or Wright really didn't want to be here anymore.

Longoria is 26 y/o entering his sixth major league season, he was ROY in 2008, a three time All-star, two time gold glove winner and a silver slugger. His numbers are striking similar to Zimmerman; BA .289, OBP .369, SLG .527, OPS.896.  It's being reported that Longoria is receiving a six year 100 M extension which keeps him in Tampa till 2022 at the age of 36 y/o (source ESPN NY).  

Of the group Wright is the elder statesman at 30 y/o with 9 years of major league service but he also has a more established resume with six All-Star selections, two gold gloves and two silver slugger awards.  His numbers are also better; BA .301, OPS .381, SLG .506, OPS .887.

So while the Mets can argue Wright's age his agent will easily counter with his resume and offensive production, it doesn't help the Mets that both third basemen were extended long term by small market teams.   The bottom line is that anything not close to six years 100 M will be a clear indication which side really isn't trying to get an extension done.