Friday, November 30, 2012

Dickey should be traded, No way in regard to Niese..

Photo by Michael Baron

It's believed that the Mets will now turn to negotiations with R.A. Dickey after inking David Wright to a long term contract.

It's been reported that Dickey will accept a two year deal which is probably in the budget but I would not extend Dickey.

I applaud the organization for the contract they produced for Wright and feel that it was the right move to make but in Dickey's case I think it would be a mistake.

First of all even if Dickey isn't garnering the elite prospect rewards the front office would like, his value is at it's absolute peak.  Even if you had to settle for a guy like Budda Starling from the Royals instead of Myers it would be worth it.  More importantly what is this organization, that's in the process of rebuilding and developing youngsters, doing signing a 37 y/o   to a multi-year deal.  Dickey doesn't fit into the long term plan and this team isn't in a win now mode, therefore; it makes sense to move him at his peak for whatever you can get.

There are reports that teams are inquiring about Jon Niese, I feel quite the opposite about Niese, in that there is no way I would trade him.  It's not that Niese is such a good pitcher that I believe he should be untouchable but more that he's a lefty.  While the organization appears stocked in right handed pitchers they are baron when it comes to lefties.  The Mets need a starting lefty and if Niese is moved they can't fill his spot from within, so they would end up having to sign one.  Niese is cheap, young and durable, in dealing him would result in an all righty rotation or signing an older journeyman veteran.

If I were to trade one of my young pitching prospects it would be either Familia or Mejia, because right handed pitchers is where our depth is...