Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gomes sets market for Hairston

Photo by Michael Baron
It would appear that the deal Jonny Gomes received from Boston will set the market for Scott Hairston which essentially stamps his ticket out of Flushing.  There probably isn't a better comparison then Gomes/Hairston and Gomes just got 10M over two years.

Gomes is a 32 y/o right hander who originally came up with the Rays and has only had one season as a starter, with the Reds in 2010 playing in 129 games.   He's one of those guys that despite being a bench player he becomes a value asset to the team.

Last year Gomes played in Oakland where he appeared in 99 games hitting .262 with an OPS of .868, 18 HRs, 10 doubles and 47 RBIs.

Compare that to Hairston who is also a righty and 32 y/o, Hairston appeared in 134 games in which he hit .26 with an OPS .803, 20 HRs, 25 doubles and 57 RBIs.

For those who subscribe to WAR the two players have the exact same value; dWAR -0.9 and an oWAR of 1.9.

I think it's safe to say Hairston who unlike Gomes can fill-in in center field will get two for 10M which I believe is out of the Mets range for a 4th outfielder.  I see the Mets bringing in who they think could be the next Hairston someone like Ryan Raborn...