Sunday, November 25, 2012

Growing weary of Alderson

This is a make it or break it off-season for me in regards to Sandy Alderson.  I have fully supported Alderson up to this point and blamed most of the Mets struggles on the Wilpon's financial situation.  While I don't think a big market team should operate the way the Mets have, there has been plenty of time to adjust to the situation and the lack of adjustment making me suspect of Alderson & Co.

I could accept giving the new front office a year to restructure the financial situation and evaluate the talent in the farm.  I could even give them a second year to do the same but at some point you have to stop punting for next year and rebuild the team.

We are now in Alderson's third off-season and so far it seems identical to the past two years. Dump bad contracts, pass on free agents due to the budget and talk about waiting til next year for the prospects to develop.

I need more !!!

I have no misconception that the team is going to surprise us by making a big free agent signing nor do I believe an outcry by fans will result in a sudden budget increase.  Even a baseball genius may take some time to re-organize things if the situation is truly a mess but at three years, there has to be some progress with what he has control over.

I can't take another fourth place seventy win season in which by July were marching the same tired group out there saying wait til next year.  I'm not looking for vastly improved results anymore then I expect a big signing, I can except another seventy win season as long as were moving in the right direction.

Sure we have prospects who have a tremendous amount of potential which gives us hope but for the most part this roster really feels like it's stagnated. I need Alderson to do what any good GM would do when he was hand tied by financial restraints, makes some moves to shake things up.

Even if they are trades that just shuffle the deck I'll take it, but if Alderson is as good as he's been billed then I really think he could have made one of those trades where your saying we traded for who and come the season that who is a starter....