Friday, November 30, 2012

Mets payroll to increase

Ken Rosenthal of Fox sports in his post regarding the signing of David Wright stated that his sources say the Mets payroll will increase to $ 105-110M.  As Rosenthal points out the Mets were at $ 93M last year giving them somewhere between $ 12- 17M extra to spend.

The Mets are currently obligated to $ 67M that includes Wright and Dickey's salary for this year, then add in about 15 M in roster filler league minimum type players.

 If you call it a wash between what they save in deferred money from Bay and what the arbitration eligible players they tender will cost, your right at about $ 82 M.  Murphy, Davis, Gee and Thole are all arby eligible and expected to be tendered, they all cost $ 500k last season.

Depending on whether they're closer to 110M or 105M and how close my approximations are the Mets have anywhere from 20-30M to spend this off-season.  Compare that to the mere 13M they had last year to totally revamp the pen and the Mets should be able to improve this winter.

They are looking for a catcher and two outfielders and should be able to easily fill those position, even at the lower end of the estimations...

The next question, obviously, is whether Wright will be an isolated case. The news on that front, however, also is good: The team’s Opening Day payroll is likely to be between $105 million and $110 million, an increase from $93 million last season, major-league sources say.source Fox Sports