Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Newly signed Hoffman was a top pick...

Mostly going unnoticed yesterday the Mets signed Jamie Hoffman.  The 28 y/o right handed hitting outfielder hit .290 with an .803 OPS in five seasons at the AAA level.

These are the type of players I expect the Mets to be bringing in to fill out the roster and provide depth.  Players who at some point showed potential but for what ever reason never lived up to it and are now looking for someone to give them a chance.

I hear many fans complain about these types of moves "here go the Mets bottom feeding again", the reality is that every team brings in AAAA type players.  Of course, the Mets aren't going to be bringing in many major league proven players ( if any) so they need one of these diamonds in the rough to actually shine.

In 2009 the Nats selected Hoffman #1 overall in the rule five draft and then immediately traded to the Yanks for Brian Bruney.   In March of that the year the Yanks would return him to the Dodgers under the rule five rules.

  "He's a big, physical outfielder with big league experience," said Yankees pro scouting director Billy Eppler. "Our scouts saw some good things in him, including good defensive ability and a good arm. He runs well for his size, we've got him as a 55 runner [scouts use a 20-to-80 scale to grade each tool; 50 is considered major league average] at 6-foot-3, 235. Kevin Long, our hitting coordinator, looked at him on video and thinks there's a foundation there hitting-wise." source