Friday, November 30, 2012

Wright was an important step in moving forward...

Photo by Michael Baron 

There are multiple reports that David Wright has agreed to a massive contract extension.  If those reports are accurate then the deal is worth 122 M over the next eight years.

I have heard a few people argue that this contract was a mistake, that it was too big for a guy they view as having declining production.

I disagree with that point of view, I think those declining numbers are a result of the complimentary players in the line-up.  If Wright was still batting between Delgado and Beltran you would still see 40 doubles/30 Hrs/100 RBIs.

I'm not naive I know that as Wright enters his mid thirties there will be a decline in his range/reaction time and offensive production but I still strongly support the extension for numerous reasons.

I view this in a similar to the Pedro signing in '05', we knew he wasn't going to be the same Pedro for the entire deal but the Mets needed to make that signing.  Even when Pedro spent most of the last years of the deal on the DL, I had no problem with the signing because I attribute that three year run 06-08 to that signing.

It might not have worked out the way we wanted but for three years we were in contention for the entire season after being irrelevant for many years.  Pedro established that the team was committed to turning the corner and gave the team legitimacy.

I believe the Wright extension serves the same purpose without him you don't have a cornerstone for the organization and you appear to be continuing to punt down the road.  I deal this size says the Wilpon just might be crawling out of there financial situation and beginning to turn the corner.  Just as Pedro did several years ago the Wright extension gives the organization legitimacy and credibility with other players.

Signing Wright not only appeases the fan base and sends a message to the league that the Wilpon's are still in business but it also sends a message as to how the organization treats it players, which was never an issue before but might have taken a hit during the cost cutting days...