Sunday, November 18, 2012

Yanks talking to Hairston...

Photo by Michael Baron
The Mets most productive outfielder is all but gone, I don't think it's if he'll go but more where he'll go.

The Mets have absolutely no outfield and the offense was virtually nil, so keeping a guy who hit 20 home runs makes a lot of sense.

However, Hairston is really only a fourth outfielder and after the season he had a team on better footing will be able to give him a two year deal with respectable money.

Hairston's  production will make him a luxury the Mets can't afford, if you really believed he could play everyday and maintain his production, while not becoming a liability in the field then you sign him for two years.

But using Hairston as a starter you would begin to see the law of diminishing returns and the Mets would not get the value they need for the cost he will demand.

As unfortunate as it is that is the reality of the situation, I'd love to have him on our bench but I think he's as good as gone and Alderson will hope to find the next Hairston.

Dan Martin of the NY post is reporting that the Yanks are talking with Hairston...

The Yankees continue to have conversations with Hairston, who is coming off arguably his most productive offensive season when he hit 20 homers and knocked in 57 runs with an OPS of .803 in part-time duty with the Mets last season. source NY Post