Saturday, December 8, 2012

Are the Jays preparing to move a catcher...

The Mets and Jays have been linked to trade rumors since last year's trade deadline.  The Mets need for a long term catching solution and JP's knowledge of their farm seem to make the two teams a perfect fit.

In fact the jays appear prepared to lose a catcher, they are currently carrying five catchers on the 40 man roster.  Two of the catchers they brought in  are veterans and without the Jays making a move their roster spots really don't make sense.

We've all heard about the Jays top prospect who happens to be a catcher, Travis D' Arnaud who's slated to make the majors sometime this season.  The incumbent catcher is J.P. Arencibia and Toronto has another catching prospect ( #15)  A.J. Jimenez who's also on the roster.

Last month in the big trade with Miami they reacquired John Buck, the veteran catcher was with the club in 2010 and is considered to know the staff very well.  Buck returning is what fueled speculation that Arencibia was available.

If Buck returning wasn't enough, the team claimed Eli Whiteside during the winter meetings. Normally Whiteside would be a guy you bring in on a minor league deal with a spring training invite not give a roster spot.

It seems like Arencibia is the odd man out, with Buck mentoring D'Arnaud and if D'Arnaud isn't ready Whiteside would be the back-up plan.  Jimenez is only on the roster for rule V protection purposes.  Bringing both Buck and Whiteside in on the roster doesn't make sense without a subsequent move...