Friday, December 21, 2012

Bourn not about money about pick...

The Mets are the only team so far this off-season to have not signed a free agent of any caliber, it's actually amazing that on Dec. 21st they haven't even grabbed a proverbial 25th man.   They have said all along that they have money to spend they're just trying to spend it wisely.

This has lead to speculation that the Mets might become interested in Michael Bourn, after all; they could use a center fielder and lead off hitter both of which could be filled by Bourn.  I do think Bourn will be too expensive for the Mets taste but even if he isn't, Bourn turned down a qualifying offer meaning that the team who signs him will lose their first round pick.

During this rebuilding process top draft picks are extremely important and signing a guy like Bourn who will cost one doesn't make sense.

Michael Bourn's market includes: Sea, Cleve, Mia, Phil, NYM, TX source Jim Bowden