Friday, December 7, 2012

Can Olt start in the OF

John Harper of the Daily News is reporting that the Rangers are willing to trade Mike Olt for R.A. Dickey, if the two sides re-engage in trade talks.  For the Rangers to come back to the Mets it will take Greinke signing elsewhere and them missing out on Tampa starter James Shields...

Source says Rangers would trade Mike Olt, player the Mets really want for Dickey, if they lose out on Grienke and can't trade for Shields.source Jon Harper

According to the Dallas News the Rangers tried to trade Olt to the Braves in Nov. , why do the Rangers appear motivated to move one of their top prospects. Olt's primary position is 3B where he's blocked by Andre Beltre, his back-up position is 1B where Texas has Mitch Moreland.  Blocked at both positions he's relegated to utility player/pitch hitter which is tough on a young player, he came up in mid-Aug. but only appeared in 18 games and only hit .152.

Right now Olt's struggles in the major can be attributed to adjusting to the majors and not having a fixed position, however; at some point their value begins to diminish.  The Rangers maybe trying to trade Olt while he's still a top prospect instead of waiting and risking a diminished value. Think of trading Milledge around 2005 instead of after the 2007 season.

Olt is considered an offensive power house and above average third baseman, the Mets would be looking to add his bat and put him in the corner outfield.  He's only had a handful of games in the corner outfield here's whats been said about him there...

He's a good defender at third to boot and was showing the Rangers he can also handle first or an outfield corner if needed. source

"Steve Buechele said he looked like he's played there his whole life," Rangers senior director of player development Tim Purpura said. "The theory is to make him as versatile as we possibly can in case there is a need here. He's an athlete, he can do a lot of things on a baseball field. He'll play there maybe one day a week or one day every other week. Should we have a number of injuries [at the Major League level] and have a need, we want to make him as versatile as we can." source

“Being a corner infield guy, he’s got instincts and you have to have instincts,” Pettis said. “It’s always just going to be a matter of reading the ball off the bat. I just want him to make the routine play and hit the cutoff man. He will grow into it as he plays.”source Dallas Morning News