Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dickey for Arencibia might be all you can get

Photo by Michael Baron
Ken Rosenthal in a column for Fox sports yesterday looked at the complexities of trading R.A. Dickey.  Unlike past CY Young award winners, Dickey presents concerns over his age and consistency.  It's true Dickey has had three solid years, including his Cy Young campaign but no one really knows how long he can maintain this level of performance.

Those lingering questions make a trade difficult,  Rosenthal believes it will be hard for the Mets to get Olt from Texas or Arencibia and Gose from Toronto.  He goes on to say that the Mets are looking more at Dickey for Arencibia straight up,  which wouldn't be enough. In fact, Rosenthal concludes that keeping Dickey might make the most sense since they're not going to get true value for him...

Here, perhaps, is a better idea: Dickey for Arencibia, straight up. The Jays obviously are trying to win; otherwise, they would not have made their blockbuster with the Marlins. And while Arencibia has averaged 21.5 homers the past two seasons, his career on-base percentage, in nearly 900 plate appearances, is .275.source Fox Sports