Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Did Alderson completely reverse himself today...

I'm a completely disgruntled fan at this point, at the end of the season I would have never guessed we would have had such a stagnant off-season.  In fact I thought it was going to be an exciting dynamic winter with multiple trades and a few mid-level signings sprinkled in.  I think  the organization fostered the belief that they were going to be active, at no point was anything said to the effect of still being in the evaluation process or any other excuse that would have explained this lack of activity.  They've talked this off-season about making trades or signing free agents to fill their glaring holes but up until today they had not insinuated doing next to nothing.  In what I interrupt as a complete reversal in stance Alderson reportedly said that the 2013 roster could look similar to the 2012 roster.

August 2012 source Metsblog: Alderson on  WFAN "We need an infusion of player, Productive players"

In closing, Alderson told Francesa he does not believe they will “be complacent over the course of the the offseason about bringing back the same team because we think it’s an inch away from success. I think we will take a step back and take a broader look at things. …After having watched this team for a couple of years. Maybe it’s time to make some moves.”

 Then he quipped in October about the outfield or the lack there of;

Asked whether the outfield was his top priority this winter, the Mets GM replied: Outfield? What outfield? We're probably gonna have to bring the fences in another 150 feet! source Daily News

Now it sounds like another off-season in which they punt...

"I would expect the roster will look similar to the way it did at the end of last year -- with some exceptions," Alderson said Tuesday. "It's hard to speculate. When you think about it, the trade market, signing free agents and so forth, it's relatively young in the season. It's hard, really, to accurately predict where things will end up." source ESPN NY