Thursday, December 13, 2012

Implications of today's signings for Mets..

Photo by Michael Baron
It's being reported that Anibal Sanchez is very close to agreeing to a five year deal with the Cubs.  There are some indications that the deal isn't complete and that the Tigers will be given a last chance to match.  Either way Sanchez, who is considered the best remaining FA starting pitcher is going to be off the market to one of the clubs not interested in R.A. Dickey.

Any club that wants a top pitcher now has to trade for one and since the Rays already traded James Shields, Dickey is the only pitcher of that caliber on the market.

Sanchez signing is very good news, there are reportedly four teams interested in trading for Dickey and they no longer have any leverage, along with being in a bidding war.  

Josh Hamilton signing with the Angels I believe hurts the Mets chances of moving Dickey.  The Rangers appeared to be the biggest suitors for Dickey but without Hamilton they may need to re-focus on offense and keep their offensive prospects.  For example it stands to reason that the Rangers may now need Mike Olt more then Dickey.  

Not only may the Rangers be out but the Angels don't appear to be one of the teams interested in Dickey, so it's not like the added offense with the Angels may result in them going after pitching.

I know some feel that the Rangers maybe more desperate to make a splash and go all in on Dickey, that's just not my take I think losing out on Hamilton makes them less likely to make a deal...