Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Looks like Ludwick returning to Reds

Earlier today it was reported that the Mets had expressed interest in Ryan Ludwick.

#Mets have interest in Ryan Ludwick They may end up budgeting a few extra dollars to address their severe OF needs. Source Joel Sherman

 Tonight it's being reported that Ludwick is near staying with the Reds on a two year 14 M deal.  The market has been set for productive, high end 4th outfielders at two years 14M.  Gomes, Ludwick, Hairston and Ross are all very similar players and two of them have already gotten that type of deal.

As I posted earlier the Mets and Hairston seem more optimistic about a return then I expected  if the Mets aren't willing to commit to a two year deal then they will have to look at the pool of less proven outfielders.

Ludwick deal with Cincinnati is likely 2 @ 14 mil source Jim Duquette