Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mets acquire Cowgill for Marte

Well that was definitely a name we hadn't heard before, even the beat writer speculation got the team right but the player wrong.  The Mets announced they have acquired Collin Cowgill from the Oakland A's for 3B prospect Jefry Marte.

As far as Marte he's completely blocked at his primary position by David Wright and Wilmer Flores, along with his prospect status steadily declining due to his slow progress.  Marte hasn't been above AA or hit above .255, at 21 y/o he's gone from a top 10 prospect to #16.

Cowgill looks to be a right handed fourth outfielder and late inning defensive replacement, since he's right handed he has an edge on making the club but has options and could land in Las Vegas.

While this isn't a big trade these are the exact kind of creative moves I've been clamoring for, Cowgill could be a flop or he could turn out to be a Jeremy Reed type player.   The point is in the Mets current situation these are exactly what they should be doing...