Monday, December 24, 2012

Mets must be confident they can trade for an OF

This front office seems to operate better in a slow methodical manner versus shooting from the hip.  Just take a look at their trade record to date, when most of us felt like we were at our breaking point with their approach they pulled off the Beltran and Dickey trades.   But when they surprised us and acted quickly we ended up with the Pagan deal.

In reference to the outfield market the Mets appear to be in their methodical mode and despite the few decent outfielders on the free agent market being signed they don't seem to be in a hurry to make a move on what is left.  In fact, aside from Hairston and Ross they really haven't been linked to many outfielders, this despite them saying they will bring in at least one starting caliber outfielder.  I have to believe they are confident they can pull off a trade and are just weighing all their options.

If they had mis-read the market and were now out of options we would start to hear the back pedeling, pumping up guys like Baxter and Duda while dismissing a weak free agent pool.  Instead, while free agent outfielder, after free agent outfielder sign the last message we received was a confident Alderson saying he would be bringing in a starting outfielder.

A quick look at the free agent pool tells us that a starter is either coming from trade, a guy most wouldn't call a starter or another left hander.  I have to believe that the Mets are confident they can pull off a trade or their stance would have changed by now...

Available free agent right handed outfielders

Jeff Baker
Matt Diaz
Ben Francisco
Scott Hairston
Austin Kearns
Darnell McDonald
Delmon Young

Available free agent  left handed outfielders

Bobby Abreu
Rick Ankiel
Brian Bogusevic
Michael Bourn
Endy Chavez
Johnny Damon
Kosuke Fukudome
Don Kelly
Scott Podsednik
Grady Sizemore
Ryan Sweeney