Monday, December 17, 2012

Mets will obtain a starting pitcher

A week ago Sandy Alderson infuriated most of the fan base when he made a complete reversal of direction by stating that the 2013 roster would look the same as the 2012 roster, this after calling for drastic changes at the end of the season.

Now he's pulled off a substantial trade that will greatly alter the long term dynamics of the club, hopefully; we have found a long term catcher for the first time since Mike Piazza and a top of the rotation arm.

Tonight, in the press conference Alderson said he will be obtaining another starting pitcher.  Not that he will look into the market or will try to obtain one, but that they will obtain another arm...

Mets will acquire someone in rotation to whom they will commit a starting role. (Not someone to compete with Mejia.)source Adam Rubin